Why Is Sarah Ellen - Australian Instagram Celebrity So Popular?

There is a new hot property in the world of modeling and she is none other than Sarah Ellen. For those who don't know, Sarah Ellen is an Australian actress and instagram model. She has become famous through her appearances on the hit television show, The Biggest Loser. She has appeared on the show for almost ten years now and continues to be a name in the modeling industry. Sarah was also one of the first female celebrities to grace the pages of the fashion bible, Vogue magazine.

Modeling is an art and like any other form of modeling, it takes a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance and most importantly an excellent physique. For someone who looks good it is easier to get noticed but for someone who has the body to carry out modeling exercises and poses it takes a lot more courage and determination to maintain their body shape after doing the rigorous exercises for a while. This is where Sarah Ellen comes into the picture as an Instagram model.

What makes Sarah Ellen stands out from the rest of the female models is that she doesn't only get noticed because of her looks; she gets noticed for more than that. There are a lot of models out there who have great bodies but are quite unattractive or they just don't have a nice face to put on display for the viewing pleasures of the public. Sarah is quite different. Her slim, sexy body is enough to get attention from men and plenty of women alike.

Sarah has definitely the face and body to make any man drool over her. It is no wonder she is the top Australian Instagram Celebrity right now. Aside from her body, she has an angelic face that can make anyone stop in their tracks and take notice. Her hair complements her beauty and her makeup is as flawless as the rest of her body. Her clothing choices are tasteful and sensible and her personality has definitely not been neglected either. In fact, she loves being a model and she would do it all over again if given the opportunity.

It takes a lot of guts to get noticed by modeling agencies and photographers but Sarah did just that with ease. She knows how to work her way up and how to get the attention of those agencies and photographers. Plus, she knows how to deal with photographers and get the photos taken that will really impress them. If you want to get recognized as an Instagram model, this girl knows just what you need.

Aside from getting attention from males, Sarah has managed to garner attention from the ladies as well. She has been featured in quite a few women's magazines including Women's Weekly Australia and Redbook Australia. This was certainly a big surprise for a girl who never thought she would be a part of that world. This has been further highlighted when Sarah was chosen as one of the "Fifty Hottest Women of 2021" by US Weekly. Now, she is at the top of the list! This further reinforced the fact that Sarah is a real beauty with talent that allows her to be at the head of the list.

It has also been widely publicized that Sarah has been doing yoga exercises and pilates to stay in great shape. This further adds up to her being one tough cookie that gets the job done and does not give up no matter what. Being an attention seeker does not mean that you have to be an ugly duckling. In fact, with the great body she has, she looks exactly like the models she modeled for and has the looks to go with it.

Modeling is not an easy profession and it takes a lot of hard work to get noticed. But once you get noticed, then things start to get easier. Aside from getting noticed from other people through modeling jobs, Sarah has managed to also establish her own name in the modeling industry. With this, she has proven that it is possible to make it big as an attention seeking Australian celebrity while at the same time enjoying the benefits of being a model.

Here are some posts from Sarah Ellen's Instagram taken from Instastory.net

This week in Australia it’s NAIDOC week. It’s a time of reflection and a week to celebrate the richness of the First Nations people in Australia & their stories. This years theme is Healing Country and so, naturally, I’ve been thinking about what that means to me. As we know, the climate crisis is a pressing issue now more than ever and, for Indigenous Australians, they are the first being effected by it whilst having done the least to cause it. @SEEDMOB is an Indigenous Youth Climate network where you can support and donate to them via the link in my bio. Also.. why is the aboriginal flag not an emoji yet? They are the oldest living civilisation in the world?! Ahh sigh. 🤦🏼

This outfit means business #TheOlympiaBag @burberry @riccardotisci #ad

Growing up in the suburbs, any opportunity I got to be at the beach was a luxury. I had this innate connection with the ocean and so when I moved out of home, I just knew wherever I was, I had to make sure the ocean was nearby. 

I had the lucky opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef a couple years ago and since then, the reef has suffered a lot. From cyclones to the overpopulation of a certain species that has been causing an unbalance to the ecosystem and worst of all, back-to-back mass bleaching events caused by marine heat waves (climate change). 

I’ve been thinking about the heaviness of this more and more this week, since UNESCO World Heritage Committee has recommended that The Reef should be listed on the  World Heritage in Danger list and warned the Australian Government that climate change remains the most serious threat to the reef. It’s so sad and shameful on the Australian Government who are just standing by watching the reef decline, rather than protecting it. 

Did you know Australia is the third biggest exporter for fossil fuels and the number 1 exporter of coal?!

One of the most powerful things YOU can do if you care about the reef, is to see if you’re unintentionally INVESTING in fossil fuels! How might you be doing that you ask? Check if your bank is a big investor in the industry. And if they are.. they’re using YOUR money to do it!! Switch banks and spread the word. I’ll do some of the heavy lifting for you - in Australia the worst banks are, ANZ, Commonwealth, WestPac & NAB. Let’s do something seeing as our government won’t. We’re running out of time!!